Trustee Services

Through our open architecture Trust Network platform, clients have access to a wide array of trust services and a choice of trustees.

The third party trustees, which include Royal Bank of Canada , Wilmington Trust Company, Santa Fe Trust Company, The Advisory Trust Company of Delaware  and Reliance Trust Company, assist in the administration of personal, charitable and family trusts for new and existing trusts, while still allowing the investment professional to manage the account assets.

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RBC Trustee Services

The duties of a trustee can be complex.  Enlisting the services of a professional trustee like RBC Trust Company (Delaware) Limited (RBC Trust) will
help ensure that your trust will be administered in accordance with your wishes and written objectives. Working with RBC Trust, clients can enjoy the benefits of professional trustee services without giving up the expert investment management they expect and deserve from their financial advisor.

RBC Trust Company (Delaware) Limited

Chartered in Delaware in 1914, RBC Trust offers personal trust and custody services across the country. RBC Trust is a leader in offering Delaware Trusts, a preferred wealth-building and preservation tool of America’s leading families. Today, RBC Trust and its affiliates and owners manage over $100 billion in assets.

Experience and financial strength form the foundation of a sound financial institution. Equally important is focus, which, when properly defined, produces the greatest productivity and helps protect clients from unexpected risks.

Choose RBC Trust Company (Delaware) Limited as your professional trustee with full confidence in our integrity and professional competence. RBC Trust has served as trustee for thousands of trusts over several generations, and it remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of fiduciary conduct. With its cumulative experience across multiple disciplines in the financial industry, it has earned a reputation for trustworthiness that you can count on for many more generations to come.

RBC Trust – Trustee and Administration Services

As a professional trustee, RBC Trust’s main responsibility is to interpret and carry out the instructions written in the trust document, impartially
and without conflict of interest while maintaining sensitivity to the needs of all beneficiaries. This may include managing assets to appropriate objectives and distributing income or principal to trust beneficiaries according to the trust document. Full trust services include: complete, automated accounting and record keeping, regular statements listing all account transactions and assets with market value, tax cost basis and estimated income, preparation of the tax return for the trust and of tax information letters to beneficiaries, collecting income, and bill paying. You will have an assigned Trust Administrator working on your behalf.

RBC Trust Advantages

RBC Trust’s approach to delivering trust services is through collaboration with your existing financial advisors, which combines the talents and knowledge of your financial advisor with RBC Trust’s nine decades of comprehensive Delaware Trust experience.

RBC Trust delivers trust services through a collaboration that includes:

  • You, the client
  • RBC Trust
  • Your existing financial advisor, and accounting and legal advisors

Relationship Manager and Investment Management

Traditionally, the professional trustee manages a trust’s investment assets. However, when working with RBC Trust, your financial advisor can remain in place as your relationship manager and act as your main contact for questions regarding the investment services for your trust. Your financial advisor will work with you to help you meet your financial needs, review your trust investment portfolio to help meet the established investment objectives, and provide you with sound, current and effective investment advice.

  • Financial advisor manages your trust relationship
  • Financial advisor provides investment services for your trust account

The collaboration between RBC Trust and your financial advisor combines strengths to provide an extensive overall trust and financial services package where you benefit from a combination of expertise, quality, choice and flexibility.

Getting Started

We have access to Professional Trustee Services from RBC Trust who provides trust account management and administration, while you continue to receive the personalized investment management services you’ve come to expect from your financial advisor.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of Professional Trustee Services.

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